An analysis of the spanish conquests of in the americas the aztecs and incas

By 3 May Pizarro received all the treasure he had requested; it was melted, refined, and made into bars. Christopher ColumbusJohn CabotAmerigo Vespucci and Giovanni da Verrazzano Early explorations and conquests were made by the Spanish and the Portuguese immediately following their own final reconquest of Iberia in Traces of its existence were mainly found in the ruins of cities and temples, but in archaeologist Hiram Bingham discovered the intact 15th century mountaintop citadel of Machu Picchuits magnificent stone structures reflecting the power and capabilities of this massive Pre-Colombian state.

When one colonial power became weak, another challenged it and replaced it as the dominant power. Enamored by the stories of Inca wealth, Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro lured Atahualpa to meeting for a supposed dinner in his honor and kidnapped the emperor in November Manco rebels and surrounds Cuzco.

Hernando Pizarro and De Soto explained they were emissaries of Emperor Charles I of Spainto offer their services, and "impart to him the doctrines of the true faith.

Some of these revolts failed and many slaves who had participated in revolts were brutally tortured and executed. From the Nahua perspective, they were clearly conquered because Tenochtitlan had been one of the most powerful cities at the time.

It is estimated that parts of the empire, notably the Central Andes, suffered a population decline ratio of By the 18th century, the overwhelming number of black slaves was such that Amerindian slavery was less commonly used. This was followed by a civil war between his two sons.

When Atahualpa arrived with about 6, unarmed followers, Friar Vincente de Valverde and Felipillo met them and proceeded to "expound the doctrines of the true faith" and seek his tribute as a vassal of King Charles.

The Story of the Conquistadors

In total, the conquest took about forty years to complete. There has to be an introduction, stating the question which you will answer in the essay; a body in which you give your argument; and a conclusion that brings your argument together and give your opinions on what was asked whether you agree with the statement or not.

However, as we know from our own time, ethical foreign policy will always run up against the cold reality of politics. England and France succeeded in establishing permanent colonies in the following century, along with the Dutch Republic. Finding Quito empty of its treasures, Alvarado soon joined the combined Spanish force.

This was a major disadvantage for the Inca. The processes of conquest and colonialism In the mid-fifteenth century, the powerful empires of the Aztecs and Incas dominated large areas of the Americas. If they were runa quicachac or "destroyers of peoples," then he should flee.

Cook the shows that the Andes suffered from three separate population declines during colonization. It will be as hard to resist as the first. Norse journeys to Greenland and Canada are supported by historical and archaeological evidence.Long Term Effects of the Spanish Conquest of the Americas Slavery Population Wealth Once the Spanish had taken over, many native Incas were enslaved.

The Spanish conquistadors' conquer of the Aztec and Inca Empire brought significant changes that effected both the Americas and Europe. The vast destruction wiped out and brought a. The Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire was one of the most important campaigns in the Spanish colonization of the Americas.

After years of preliminary exploration and military skirmishes, Spanish soldiers under conquistador Francisco Pizarro, his brothers, and their native allies captured the Sapa Inca Atahualpa in the Battle of Cajamarca.

Spanish Conquer the Aztecs and Incas Fall of the Aztecs After Columbus discovered the “New World”, the Spanish sent conquistadors across the Atlantic to claim land for Spain.

Chapter 15 Conquest in the Americas.

Aztec Empire

Chapter Objectives. STUDY. PLAY. trek to Tenochtitlan= formed alliances with conquered people who did not like the Aztecs.

Malinche helped them. Moctezuma thought he was a God took gold, silver and enslaved the Incas in Conquistador. an adventurer (especially one who led the. - The Aztecs and Incas were the two dominant new world societies which greeted and eventually succumbed to the Spanish conquistadors in the early 16th century.

Since then, they have occupied some of the most curious comers of the western imagination.

An analysis of the spanish conquests of in the americas the aztecs and incas
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