An essay on homosexuality gay marriage and the 8th amendment

According to the American Civil Liberties Union in The law [against same-sex marriage] discriminates on the basis of sex because it makes one's ability to marry depend on one's gender.

In that sense, their religious freedom is being infringed. Homosexuality is becoming more and more prominent in today's society.

Homosexuals are not asking for special rights or even separate but equal rights. Newsom argued that California's state constitution, which guarantees equal protection under the law, precludes discrimination against gays and lesbians who want to get married.

After all, they are just humans as well as you and I. It's not a game of TAG! They help fund public schools with taxes yet won't use resources by sending children to these schools. When the Hawaii Supreme Court made a final ruling, on December 9,they said that this amendment had rendered the plaintiff's complaint moot, and denied legal marriage to same-sex couples.

Gay marriage promotes other interest groups to change marriage laws such as polygamists and people who will want to marry their animals.

The law went into force on October 1, In response to a question about hard and easy cases he said: In addition, sexuality can not be changed. The Virginia Ratifying convention included a detailed list of a proposed bill of rights, as well as a number of broad statements of principle, which addressed the apportionment of individual rights and government powers.

This is proven when associates involved with the FMA took a "gay rights survey" Pg. While I would like to delve into the long history, I must stick to modern accounting of gay marriage and government's role in this record keeping. Some personal reasons that gay couples list for wanting to marry are that they want to enrich each other's lives; they want to commit and profess their love to one person; they want to emotionally mature and grow with the person of their dreams; they want to learn about life with someone they love; they want to experience the world and create wonderful memories with their partners; and they believe that gay marriage benefits society.

Growing up people live their lives wanting to find their one and only dream girl, or knight and shining armor. A drug addict, an rapist, a murderer never waives any of these rights, however if youre homosexual you are denied all of them.

Furthermore, the same sex marriages do not directly hurt society or individuals in particular. Williams 25 Because same-sex couples are denied the right to marry they are denied 1, federal rights protections and responsibilities automatically granted to married heterosexual couples.

In relationships that involve children it is especially hard. Shortly after the groundbreaking decision in Denmark, other European countries followed suit with registration for gay partnerships.

I never see anything about the cousin thing in the bible but homosexuality is a big thing. Most often a man to a woman, sometimes a woman to a man, and most recently, and man to man and woman to woman.

I ran for State Representative in and lost in the primary. In a prolonged act of civil disobedience the mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, issued over marriage licenses to same-sex couples during the early part of This is because it is particularly detrimental to the overall marriage institution.

In February of Newsom stated, A little more than a month ago, I swore to uphold California's Constitution, which clearly outlaws all forms of discrimination.

Now people are saying that they can clearly see Gods condemnation of gays. Silver 64 For a moment, branching off from the marriage topic, Id like to just briefly discuss past attitudes about homosexuality. Homosexuals are not different from any other human except the fact that they date and try to marry the same sex.

In fact, Scott Bidstrup cleverly states, many sects of Buddhist celebrate gay relationships freely and would like to have the authority to make them legal marriages.

If you go back in history, the Romans and so on were practicing homosexuality and no one thought anything of it. Williams 22 Basically, it would be equivalent to changing a heterosexual into a homosexual.

The ACLU goes on to say, Classifications which discriminate on the basis of gender must be substantially related to some important government purpose This drawback within gay marriage is the fact that legalizing them will in turn cause consistent moral degradation.

Some may fight and saythat civil unions are the same as a same sex marriage. To date, there have been some small advances towards same-sex civil unions in the United States.Religion, Bible, Gay Rights - Homosexuality and Christianity.

Gay Marriage Essay

Essay Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality - Calling for a Re-Write Homosexuality has been a controversial topic for hundreds of years now and has grown in awareness and acceptance over time.

Homosexuality, Lgbt, And Gay Marriage - Homosexuality is unnatural.

Short Essay: Homosexuality

Romans mentions man “leaving the natural” (one man and one woman) and therefore taking part in acts of immorality. When the world was created, God made a man and a woman. He later tells them that part of. Search Essay Examples > Get Expert Essay Editing Help > Build Your Thesis Statement > Log in.

Search. Gay Marriage In The News In the United States, there is social unrest regarding the government's denial of the right to marry for homosexuals.

Gay Marriage Essay Sample

Plenty of conservatives are completely against gay marriage; and many of liberals are fighting for equal treatment. Jun 26,  · Gay Marriage and its Issues Gay marriage has been an issue for a very long time and since some states are legalizing it, many worry that it would soon be added as an amendment.

The topic of gay marriage brings up. Same Sex Marriage and The Ninth Amendment The Supreme Court will consider two cases relating to gay marriage this week. [1] The exact issues are still up in the air, so it is possible that the court will not directly address the question of whether or not gays have a constitutional right to marry.

An essay on homosexuality gay marriage and the 8th amendment
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