Impact of nigeria capital market in financing industrial development in nigeria

Their study reveals that there is a linkage between capital market efficiency and economic growth in India. The all-share index has also fallen from 57, How could the capital market through its crucial role stimulate economic growth in Nigeria? It is crucial in the mobilization of savings and channeling of such savings to profitable self-liquidating investment.

But owned by about members. Faraz Hussain from University of Abuja said "This is a great help for those who seek education. The latter is usually done in Nigeria. To examine the rate at which new stocks are issued on the capital market. Does the capital market enhance and promote investment in Nigerian economy?

Economic growth is generally agreed to indicate development an economy, because it transforms a country from a five percent saver to a fifteen percent saver.

Their result supports the view that, although banks and stock market may promote economic growth, the effect of bank is more. Therefore, a deep and broad market which is very efficient in information and operations including an adequate regulation and more liquidity will contribute to the development of the Nigerian economy.

The Nigerian Capital Market

The loan stock, which had a maturity of years, was oversubscribed by more than N1 million, yet local participation of the issued was terribly poor.

The provision of liquidity for any investor or growth of investors. As a result, it is necessary to evaluate the Nigerian capital market.

The broadening of the ownership base of assets and the creation of a healthy private sector. To examine if the Nigerian money market has developed. To overcome difficulties of selling government stock To provide local opportunities and lending for long term purpose iii.

Central Bank of Nigeria C. It has very profound implication for the socio-economic growth and development of any nation.


A write up on the stability of dividends will be incomplete without acknowledging the contribution of Linter Most recent literatures on the Nigeria capital market have recognised the tremendous performance the market has recorded in recent times.

The mobilization of savings from numerous economic units for growth and development.

Capital Market Impact on the Economic Growth in Nigeria

Though the scope of study will be limited to the capital market, it is hoped that the exploration of this market will provide a broad view of the operations of the capital market.

The empirical investigation of the role of money market in the development of the Nigerian economy shall be restricted to the period from THE IMPACT OF CAPITAL MARKET ON THE ECONOMIC GROWTH IN NIGERIA.

Statement of Research Problem The impact of the capital market on the growth and development of the After payment you will get the full project or call or email [email protected] PARTNERSHIP After purchasing your own project materials from us, you can become.

Impact Of Capital Market On Economic Growth Of Nigeria

Nov 26,  · Certainly, potential fund abound in Nigeria, but the overriding consideration in this project is to examine the impact of the capital market in harnessing and mobilizing these resources (fund) to generate economic growth in the country and consequently economic development.

The key purpose of this research work as to empirically the impact or extent to which capital market finance, particularly the stock exchange market have contributed to economic development in Nigeria.

Based on this, the general objectives of the study are outlined below: 1. To evaluate the role capital economic growth and development of Nigeria. 2. Ewah, et al () appraised the impact of the Nigeria capital market efficiency on the economic growth of the nation using time series data from to ABSTRACT This research work was embarked upon with a view to determine the impact of the capital market on the economic growth of Nigeria.

The capital market was set up to achieve specific objectives which would boost the economy such as encourage domestic savings and increasing the quantity and quality of investments.

Dec 02,  · This research work was embarked upon with a view to determine the impact of the capital market on the economic growth of Nigeria.

Impact of nigeria capital market in financing industrial development in nigeria
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