Indian beer market

At that, beer markets in India in general and Sri Lanka are regulated in a similar manner.

Import of Beer in India - Beer Market in India 2017

In calendar year, India imported only about … million liters of beer … million in The quick growth of beer production has led to a shortage of glass bottles and created the conditions for its rapid price growth, despite the current rotation system of glass containers.

One of the bottlenecks for Indian brewers is beer packing, first of all, the glass bottle the proportion of aluminum cans on the market is not large. Rs in Pune Tuborg Green and Tuborg strong are the appreciated variants of the beer.


Beer in India is sold in the same shops and often stands on the same shelves with alcoholic beverages except in Maharashtra. Per capita consumption of beer is as low as half-a-litre as against litres in Germany, litres in New Zealand and litres in Denmark.

These numbers are subject to change with changing Indian beer market and changing consumer preferences. Another factor has been the constant increase of fees for alcohol retail licenses and HoReCa.

Now, when supplying beer to Andhra Pradesh the company has to pay a fee, or else it would have to look for a partner for bottling the key brands. Rs in Delhi The average retail price for a beer liter in was about … rupees nearly … in dollars.

Those who do are a very very small proportion. Rs in Delhi 9. The last years demonstrated that the beer market has switched from riot growth to jump growth, depending on the combination of inner factors.

That means only a million are actually drinking beer in this country". InKaran Bilimoria offered his idea to a brewery in Bangalore, which a year later started bottling this beer. But even though India is … times behind the world average for GDP per capita, this fact cannot fully explain the …-fold gap in the consumption of beer.

In particular, the data of the survey carried out in the state of Tamil Nadu show that alcohol is consumed by every … adult who consider themselves Hindu, every … related to Christianity.

But it's the taxes on imported whiskey, not the taste, that prevent it from winning more market share. Therefore, in India, according to sociological research the percentage of alcohol consumers is …-… times higher among Hindus and Christians than Muslims.

India Beer Market Outlook, 2023

Interbrew, the world's second largest brewery was planning to enter the country in view of the emerging growth opportunities in the sector. Stocks have been a problem lately, but going by what we hear, it should back on the shelves soon enough.

United Breweries was founded by a Scotsman, Thomas Leishman in The company responded quickly to the trend of premiumisation of the market and the activities of its competitors, in late expanding the margin part of its portfolio with the "unique" Kingfisher Ultra with a "special taste" and "sports" Kingfisher Blue.

However, one cannot expect the resumption of the former positions of the brand, as competitors exert a strong pressure on sales.Nov 14,  · Here, we list out data on the Indian beer market. "That's why I don't see the microbreweries at loggerheads with the mass-market beer industry in India." Image caption Despite the growing popularity craft beers have a small share of the market.

The Indian beer market is expected to grow and cross billion by the end ofas per the research of All India Brewers’ Association (AIBA).

Tapping brewed beer market at cost-effective. Ken Research announced its latest publication on India Alcoholic Beverages Market Outlook to ndash; Inflating Demand for IMFL and Beer from Youth and Women Segments provides a comprehensive.

Asia-Pacific region will be the fastest growing region in the Craft Beer market, and will grow at a CAGR of % and high growth in emerging economies such as China, India, Japan and ASEAN countries.

Indian beer market has traditionally been dominated by lager, explained by a preference for a light, refreshing flavor. Increase in consumers knowledge regarding premium products helped in springing up the local microbreweries.

Indian beer market
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