Seal hunting should be banned in canada

The boat rushes up to the seal and hooks the carcass out of the water where it falls within a few seconds before it sinks.

With industry executives confirming late last year that hundreds of thousands of seal furs are now in stockpiles, many believed the Canadian government would do as the majority of Canadians want, and end the seal hunt for good. Canadian sealing regulations describe the dimensions of the clubs and the hakapiksand caliber of the rifles and minimum bullet velocity, that can be used.

Warm and waterproof, seal pelts make for excellent cold-weather clothing. A decline in the seal population could very well cause a ripple effect through the ecosystem that would hurt other species as well, like the many fish populations that are kept in check by these predators.

Seals were also hunted in northwest Europe and the Baltic Sea more than 10, years ago. Only licensed sailing vessels were permitted to engage in fur sealing, and the use of firearms or explosives was prohibited. Pin it As one of the top predators in their ecosystem, harp seals are crucial to maintain an ecological balance.

These harvests decreased along with fur-seal populations. By this port alone had sixty vessels employed in the trade. Large-scale commercial seal hunting became an annual event starting in and expanded rapidly near the turn of the 18th century.

Migratory fishermen began the hunting from as early as the s. The owners of UBF Group should be aggressively investigated, and, if warranted, prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

One industry that could be developed is marine eco-tourism. The first modern sealing ship was the SS Bearbuilt in DundeeScotland in as a steamer for sealing. Our cameras record what citizens in other countries -- and even in Canada -- rarely see: But at two weeks, young seals start to lose their white fur, and become fair game for hunters.

Not because the seals are killed inhumanely, or because of conservation issues, or because sealers will lose their economic lifeblood. They limited pelagic sealing as to time, place, and manner by fixing a zone of 60 miles around the Pribilof Islands within which the seals were not to be molested at any time, and from May 1 to July 31 each year they were not to be pursued anywhere in Bering Sea.

The Canadian Government Should Ban Seal Hunting, Not Make it Easier

Last year, government subsidies were provided so sealers could slaughter even more seals to meet "future demand. She was ideally suited to the polar regions and worked for 10 years in the annual seal fishery in the Labrador Sea. Inthe DFO began reducing the hunt quota by twenty percent to account for this new danger.

Secondly, the seal hunt is much more visible than other hunts, and the access to it allows for more imagery. The hunt was mainly for the procurement of seal meat as a form of sustenance for the settlements in the area, rather than for commercial gain.

Last year, government subsidies were provided so sealers could slaughter even more seals to meet "future demand. Seals are already threatened. For the seals and the sealers, it is high time Canada listened to countries like Taiwan and relegated commercial sealing to the history books where it belongs.

The move is a significant gain in the effort to protect marine mammals from cruelty and human-caused threats globally, and in the campaign to end commercial sealing. The reduced demand is attributable mainly to the ban on imports of seal products into the European Union.

Lawrence leg of the hunt was officially closed on Apr. In doing so, the U. Between and there was an average of sixty vessels in the trade.

POLL: Should Canada ban the hunting of seals?

Intwo percent of Canada's raw seal oil was processed and sold in Canadian health stores. Canada appealed the ban to the World Trade Organization, but lost in And unfortunately, monitoring the hunt can be difficult, as Department of Fisheries and Oceans DFO authorities must police a vast area.

An investigation by the U. Despite the fact that my offer received international publicity, the Canadians refused to even contemplate the proposal.

These measures seem like desperate attempts to keep a dying industry on life support. Customs declarations reportedly were also altered.

Seal Hunting. Should it be banned?

Seals were also hunted in northwest Europe and the Baltic Sea more than 10, years ago. The sealers pursued their trade in a most unsustainable manner, promptly reducing the fur seal population to near extermination.

The ship went west around Cape Horn into the Pacific Ocean to become the first ship of any nation to conduct operations in the Southern Ocean.

Seal products were banned in the U.Seal hunting, as it is practiced today in Canada, is indeed sustainable and should continue. The harvest is rooted in a cultural tradition that brings economic benefits to Atlantic Canada while maintaining due respect to the environment.

Canadian Seal Hunt Facts the MMPA outlaws the hunting and import of both. The EEC banned the import of “whitecoats” in while Canada banned the commercial hunting of “whitecoats” and “bluebacks” in December of In Canada, seal hunting is still alive and well, despite years of efforts to shut it down.

Due to its controversial nature, the Canadian government. Apr 08,  · The seal hunt in Canada is the tightest regulated hunt of its kind in the world.

Canadian Seal Hunt Facts

The Majority of seals are shot not killed with the hakipik. I don't think the hunt should be banned it is no worse then farming or Resolved. Watch video · Canada's annual 'commercial seal hunt' is the biggest marine animal hunt on the planet, during which the government allows the killing of nearlyseals.

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7 Reasons Why Canada’s Brutal Seal Hunt Needs To End Now. Canada's seal hunt is in full swing -- and, While the value of the seal hunt comes mainly from the pelts, the demand for seal fur is waning. Seal products were banned in the U.S. inin the EU inand in Russia (at one time the biggest market) in

Seal hunting should be banned in canada
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